Weekend’s Here!

Ugh, I don’t know about you, but this week has really been a bear. Reality is pretty harsh when you’re thrown back into a full 5-day work week right after a long holiday break.

But it’s finally Friday. Time to sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite cocktail. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, try something new….like the McNuggetini.

These girls are the best! I wish they’d move in next door.

What’s the most interesting cocktail you’ve ever tried?


4 thoughts on “Weekend’s Here!

  1. Let the weekend begin! First time seeing those two girls, but they sure did make me giggle. Too cute.

    Jealous you get to enjoy all the wonderful food Chicago has to offer. Hubby and I visit as often as we can (seeing as we live in MI) to hang with friends that live downtown. I’ve always wanted to go to Tru as well — I bet it really was an amazing experience! When we went to NY for the first time, we celebrated our 5 year anniversary at a restaurant called Gradisca and had their Chef’s Tasting Menu…which included something like 10 courses…ridiculously delicious and beautiful. Life-changing, as you said, for us as well. I’m seriously thinking about flying there just for the evening to eat it again. :-p I’m a slave to good food.

    • I would fly to NY just for the food, too! I love living in Chicago and I know I’m spoiled by everything we have here. Maybe next time you’re in town visiting we can meet up for some foodie treats!

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