A Food Blogger’s Kitchen

As a food blogger, I spend a lot of time in my kitchen. It’s kind of like my office away from the office, and I’m sure you can guess which one I’d rather be working in.

My kitchen is equipped with everything you’d expect — side-by-side refrigerator, microwave, gas stove, dishwasher (thank God) — but it’s small. Counter and cabinet space is limited, and I basically ran out of storage space the day I moved in. Let’s just say that the ice cream maker I’ve had my eye on might have to take up residence in my bedroom closet (which isn’t big either). But all in all, my little kitchen does the job.

As a food blog reader, I’ve often wondered what other people’s kitchens look like — imagining the spaces in which their lovely masterpieces were created. So, to satisfy the Peeping Tom-like qualities in all of us, I created a Flickr group called “A Food Blogger’s Kitchen.” Here we can share a glimpse of our culinary offices with one another, and get a feel for what a blogger’s kitchen really looks like.

I hope you’ll share a photo of your kitchen (as well as a link to your blog) within this group. Feel free to tell your food blogger friends, too — the more, the merrier. Let’s see the kitchen behind the cook (or baker!).


20 thoughts on “A Food Blogger’s Kitchen

  1. What an outstanding idea! I will only be back in my kitchen later this year. I will search my photos to see if I have one of my kitchen to share with you before then.
    πŸ™‚ Mandy

  2. I’m not above rolling out Mrs. Santa’s Butter Cookies on the coffee table (sanitized first, of course).

  3. Oh I love this idea!!! I, too, wonder what people’s kitchens look like :)) … I’ll add a photo as soon as I wash my dishes ;-).

    P.S. Your kitchen looks fantastic!

  4. Awesome idea! I always wonder if peoples kitchens are as tiny as mine! We live in a downtown apartment and mine is a tiny 9 foot by 8 foot. Love your cabinets and floor! πŸ™‚

  5. Love the idea of the flickr group. Your kitchen is beautiful. Even though I’ve got a little bit more space, I too ran out of room the day we moved in. I have two sets of large shelves in the basement for my 2nd storage area.

  6. Ooo, how fun! I also have a narrow galley kitchen, although it’s about 100 years older than yours. No kidding. Loads of charm, lots of storage space, but decidedly not enough counter space. I don’t know if everyone was at LEAST a foot taller than me in 1918, but I’m developing beautiful calves while working at my too high counters…
    I’ll definitely make a few pics and post on your flickr group.

  7. I took a picture of my kitchen too. I love your idea! It is so cool to see where other people cook. I will be posting mine this week =)

  8. Just found your blog and wanted to say hi. Your kitchen is gorgeous and your recipes look really tasty.

    I love seeing other people’s kitchens. It really can tell you a lot about the person.

  9. You have a beautiful kitchen! I am insanely jealous, especially of your gas stove. I would be embarassed to show you a picture of my hole in the ground kitchen!

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