Lollapalooza: A Weekend in Pictures

OK, yeah. This is a food blog. I get it.

But I also do much more than sit around in my kitchen all day, and here’s a post to prove it.

Music is a big part of my life, and I’m fortunate enough to live in a city that’s host to one of the biggest, most celebrated music festivals in the world — Lollapalooza. This year was my fourth year in attendance, and despite a so-so lineup (in my opinion) and an epic rainstorm on Sunday, it was the best year by far. A quick music summary:

  • Most fun: Deadmau5 (in the pouring rain!) and Girl Talk
  • Best dance party: Chuckie
  • Best new discovery: Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
  • Bands that made me want to lie in the fetal position and cry: Lykke Li
  • Bands I’m sad I missed: Ratatat, Foo Fighters
Here are a few highlights, photos and videos:


11 thoughts on “Lollapalooza: A Weekend in Pictures

  1. Nice roundup! I was torn between Lolla in Chicago and Osheaga in MTL. I decided on Osheaga in order to stay on home turf and save some cash; your videos are great, it’s like I was there.

    And I saw Ratatat at Coachella and Osheaga and they are amazing; im sorry that you missed them. I’m sure you will catch them one day!

    • Haha, I’d love to say that I used some sort of photo editing trick, but I didn’t. That was Mother Nature at work. I was sitting on the ground when I took it though, which gave it an interesting perspective.

  2. I didn’t know Lollapalooza still occurred! I went back in 1994 (gasp!) when some of the featured bands were: The Cranberries, Smashing Pumpkins, Greenday, and The Breeders. Am I dating myself?

  3. I love Girl Talk! I saw them at Pitchfork a few years ago but it was a much smaller area and that stage looks sic!

  4. So I just started reading your blog because I trying new things when I cook, and I was very surprised that you blogged about a music festival. I just started blogging not to long ago about EDM and music festivals and was stoked to see that you had a post about lolla. I had a friend that went and said there was the biggest mud fight on the last day. Good blog btw Im gonna try that cantaloupe caprese tonight.

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