Mariano’s…Knows How To Party

“Mar-i-a-ano’s…knows how to party.” Cue Dr. Dre. and Tupac.

There’s a new Mariano’s in town, and it certainly welcomed itself into the Bucktown neighborhood with a bang. The brand new store at 2112 N. Ashland Ave. in Chicago opened yesterday (June 3rd), and I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the ribbon cutting celebration the night before.

Mariano's Bucktown opening party via @freshandfoodieThe event, which was rock and roll-themed, pulled out all the stops — complete with drinks (champagne! martinis! wine!), food (oysters! ramen! kobe beef burgers!), and a Rolling Stones cover band (of course).

Mariano's Bucktown opening party via @freshandfoodie

And don’t get me wrong — I love me a Mariano’s as much as the next guy, but I clearly underestimated how amazing a party at a grocery store could be. Shame on me, right? The creativity and surprise and delight factor was through the roof. I mean, how cool are these mini Grey Goose vodka “martinis” nestled into their own custom ice block?

Mariano's Bucktown opening party via @freshandfoodie

Not to be outdone, there was a similar sculpture holding champagne mini cans. I was pretty excited about it.

Mariano's Bucktown opening party via @freshandfoodie

And last but not least, as we exited the store in a partied-out daze, we got to create our own bouquets from Mariano’s HUGE and gorgeous fresh flower selection. Dave offered to make one for me (and he did a fabulous job, I might add).

Mariano's Bucktown opening party via @freshandfoodie

The creativity layered into the ribbon cutting party is a clear reflection of the type of shopping experience Mariano’s brings to life every day for shoppers. According to the Chicago Tribune, the new Ashland store is the second largest Chicago store, clocking in at over 80,000 square feet with an employee roster of 600 people. Surprise and delight highlights include vegan and raw food bars, Kombucha on tap, an oyster bar, and more.

If you’re going to grocery shop (which you probably are), you may as well have fun doing it. Check out the brand-spakin’-new Mariano’s at 2112 N. Ashland Ave. (near the former Green Dolphin Street) in Chicago.





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