Get Food in a Flash with DoorDash

Oh, December. You’re the busiest month of the year, yet you’re also the month that makes me want to wear pajama pants 24/7 and forget that the outside world even exists. Ironic.

Winter is coming, indeed.

DoorDash from @freshandfoodie

Welcome DoorDash, a “delightful delivery” service that just launched in Chicago’s West Loop, River North, Lincoln Park and Lakeview neighborhoods. Good freakin’ timing, right? And when they reached out to me* about giving them a try, I actually responded with this:

“I’m already going into hibernation mode, so anything that’ll support me in my goals to stay inside 24/7 is appealing.”

Yep. Totally meant it.

DoorDash basically let’s you order food from nearby restaurants (like XOCO, CocelloLa Sirena Clandestina, and more — but the options my be different depending on your neighborhood) from your desktop or mobile and they deliver right to your door. Pretty easy. In fact, I placed my first order from the gym. Best of all, they tell you exactly how long it’ll take for you to get your delivery, and best BEST of all, it’s actually accurate.

DoorDash from @freshandfoodie

Delivery from XOCO — straight to my door — in less than 45 minutes? Yes, indeed.

DoorDash from @freshandfoodie

Look how I excited I am! (This is my post-gym-I-don’t-feel-like-cooking-or-doing-anything-other-than-sitting-on-the-couch face.)

DoorDash from @freshandfoodie

Speaking of exciting, DoorDash is giving all Fresh and Foodie readers $5 off their first order. Simply use this link, create your account, place your first order, and $5 will be credited back to you. Get after it! (Just be sure to use the link included in this post.)

*DoorDash reached out to me about partnering on a post, and I chose to do it because I found it to be the right fit for Fresh and Foodie. Opinions are my own.


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