Foodie Around Town – The Publican

The Publican (West Loop, Chicago — 837 W. Fulton Market)

If you’re as into reading about food as I am, you’ve probably read about The Publican — a restaurant in Chicago’s Meat Packing District that focuses on pork, beer and “farmhouse fare.” It’s one of my favorite restaurants in Chicago for various reasons;  one of them being their amazing Sunday brunch. Of course the food is delicious, but what I love just as much is the beautiful, European beer hall-inspired space the restaurant calls home. It evokes a romantic, relaxed vibe that makes you feel as though you stepped into another place entirely (which isn’t necessarily bad during the nasty Chicago winter).

A lot of care goes into the food, and it shows. For me, scrapple (pork, buckwheat flour and spices, formed into a patty and panfried) served with fried eggs and sourdough.

For my husband, a fluffy (perhaps the fluffiest) omelette with sauteed char, onions and gruyere cheese, served with sourdough.

So basic yet so delicious. Just perfect.


8 thoughts on “Foodie Around Town – The Publican

  1. Chicago Meat Packing District is a fave spot! I actually
    met my husband there at one of the bars – Fulton Lounge. 🙂 We have
    been to the Publican – we loved the atmosphere and the

  2. I was feeling satiated by my dinner visit there, but now I immediately need to go back for brunch. Even if I can’t get brussel sprouts for breakfast — it’s been too long Publican — i need you!

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