Note to Self: Try This at Home

This past weekend, the hubs and I walked over to The Publican, one of our favorite neighborhood spots, for an afternoon drink. I ordered a Bloody Mary, and he ordered this…

Photo Jan 19, 1 07 24 PMThe Zombie Tracer.

Three Floyd’s Zombie Dust (one of my favorite IPAs), Buffalo Trace Bourbon and lemon.


I consider myself a beer purist (AKA: I like beer as beer — don’t mess with perfection). And so does he. But when we saw this on the menu, curiosity took over.

It’s actually pretty solid. Very solid, in fact. And strong.

This is one I’ll work on recreating at home. And don’t worry, I’ll be sure to post the recipe once I get it right. But in the meantime, go to The Publican and try it for yourself.

Thanks to The Publican for blowing my mind once again. (See my past entries about The Publican here and here.)

Have you ever had a beer cocktail? What did you think?


7 thoughts on “Note to Self: Try This at Home

  1. I recently was visiting in Laramie, WY where my fiancé lived for a couple of years and his family still resides. We went to a bar calked The Ruffed Up Duck bar. Their signature cocktail is a Moscow mule that is divine. I’m not a huge lover of beer cocktails, but that drink will definitely be ordered again by this gal 🙂

  2. The only beer cocktails I’ve ever had were shandies. The pre-bottled ones are awful, but good, homemade lemonade mixed with pale ale (I went through a lot of Sierra Nevada that summer) is an awesome summer cooler. The cheat measure I used was to pour a 12oz bottle of SN into a pint glass, and then fill nearly to the rim with lemonade. So, a 1:3 ratio?

  3. In college we got on a Lunchbox kick – pour a beer into a class, top with orange juice then drop in a shot glass of amaretto and throw it down. It was fun and different.

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